Monthly Archives: June 2012

Meet The BookArista

First, I’m Katelyn. I manage an independent bookstore called Bogart’s in Millville, NJ. You can come visit me anytime and get first hand recommendations from me. I love showing off my little purple bookstore.

Second, I like to talk books. Any books really. I can even bullshit a conversation with a die-hard John Grisham fan. I just love to hear everyone’s story on how they came to love reading. Everyone has their story. This is mine. I will only review books that I have a connection. I will only suggest books that I have read and fallen in love with.

Finally, I love to talk. So, please comment and question. I beg of you! If you have a recommendation for a book I should check out, tell me. If you have a recommendation for a movie or song, tell me. Let’s get a good dialogue flowing.

I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone.

See you later, see you soon.

Ahoy, Ahoy Fellow Bibliophiles!


I decided– after reading so many great blogs– to add my voice to the cacophony that makes up book blogging. My goal with this is to provide some direction with your reading. I will be giving my review on a variety of books, from classics to new releases, from fiction to non-fiction, from history to science. I would also like for this to create a conversation about books. Please feel free to add all of your comments or suggestions. I will be keeping up with answering comments so as to create an interactive forum for some discussions on some great books.

The reading schedule I’d like to keep to will be a new book discussion each week. Please excuse me if I flail in the beginning and change this timing. This is my first foray and don’t really know my limits yet. So, hopefully posts will go up each Wednesday and we’ll keep the conversation going as long as possible. Thanks for coming along.

See you later, see you soon.