Meet The BookArista

First, I’m Katelyn. I manage an independent bookstore called Bogart’s in Millville, NJ. You can come visit me anytime and get first hand recommendations from me. I love showing off my little purple bookstore.

Second, I like to talk books. Any books really. I can even bullshit a conversation with a die-hard John Grisham fan. I just love to hear everyone’s story on how they came to love reading. Everyone has their story. This is mine. I will only review books that I have a connection. I will only suggest books that I have read and fallen in love with.

Finally, I love to talk. So, please comment and question. I beg of you! If you have a recommendation for a book I should check out, tell me. If you have a recommendation for a movie or song, tell me. Let’s get a good dialogue flowing.

I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone.

See you later, see you soon.

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