On the Read-In at Bogart’s




I am doing a bit of shameless self-promotion this week. Sometimes it must be done. I read an article a few weeks ago about how to keep a small bookstore thriving. One of the many suggestions was to host literary events. I decided a read-in would be perfect for our little shop. You’ll have to sign in and sign out including which book you are going to read. After reading for at least 1 hour you’ll receive a coupon for a free USED book. You can immediately choose one to take with you or take the coupon to use at a later date. I am really looking forward to seeing how many people come out to read. I set up an event page on Bogart’s facebook which you can find here. Please sign up and make it out if you can! Also, feel free to invite as many people as you wish. Let’s make this a really big deal.

Have you ever participated in a read-in before? Or any literary event? Tell me all about it!

See you later, see you soon.

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