On Traveling with Books

Anchor 2010

I made the most important decision of my upcoming trip to Spain a few days ago- what book to bring. I go most places with a book in my bag. Heaven forbid you are caught somewhere with nothing to read. I think I have nightmares involving that scenario. So, I leave for Spain on Wednesday and tucked in my carry-on bag will be The Angel’s Game by my newest literary obsession Carlos Ruiz Zafón. It is the prequel to my favorite book of all time The Shadow of the Wind. It is set in Barcelona so I felt it was quite appropriate for the trip. It took me a long time though to decide. I also considered a few other books as well. For a while I had D.H. Lawrence‘s Women in Love in my mind but having never read The Rainbow I felt it was a bad choice. Then I shifted to wanting to bring a Neil Gaiman novel. I absolutely fell for American Gods (find my review here) so I thought he would be great to bring along. I read the back of all the novels I had on my shelf and decided he wasn’t quite right for my trip. Finally, a bulb went off over my head. I had purchased The Angel’s Game about a month ago and stuck it under my coffee table since I ran out of room on my bookshelves. It would be perfect. It has the right tone and I feel that since I know all the characters already I can jump in and out of it very easily. Whether or not I get a chance to finish it will not matter. I will certainly enjoy the detailed descriptions of Barcelona during the early half of the century. Maybe I’ll actually be able to visit some of the places he describes. I’m not entirely sure that where he discusses is real but maybe, just maybe.

What do you like to read on a trip? Do you plan for it like I do? Or is it just last minute? What was the last book you read on vacation? Or do you leave the books at home?

See you later, see you soon.

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