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St. Martin’s Press 2012

“Own it,” she said to herself. “Own the bald. Own the braided honey loaf. Own it. Your husband is Maxon Mann. Nobel Prize winner. Your mother is Emma Butcher. Fucking awesome lady. Own it.”

I have been reading glowing reviews on Shine Shine Shine from twitter for the past few months. Those lucky enough to get an ARC have been singing its praises. It sounded like a book I would really enjoy as well. It was. I fell in love with each of the characters with all their flaws and wished I could read more of them after I closed the book. That is the mark of a great book for me- characters must linger. I must be so engaged with the characters that the last page fills me with dread. I loved the turn around for Sunny Mann. I started off being upset with her but Netzer slowly unveils the depths of Sunny and you connect with her as a woman on so many levels. I understood her frustration and anger once I understood her whole story. I think that is a lesson that we could all remember sometimes: you don’t really know anyone’s motivations so stop judging them. I think I forget that occasionally. Here you are forced to face that fact when you realize what a struggle her whole life had been. Also, you forgive her when it becomes apparent that her anger comes from fear and ultimately from love. She does not mean to rage against Maxon but she is so afraid.

The love story between these two is wonderful as well. They are made for one another from the moment they meet. She has the patience to deal with his Asperger’s and he just loves her with the innocence of a child. After all, acceptance is really what Sunny needs. I fell in love with both of them. It was so nice to read a love story that made sense in the real world. I hate when a love story springs from nothing and is fueled by even less. This particular story did no such thing. You could easily see why they were so perfectly suited for each other right away.

In the end, I think this book dealt a lot with self realization. They all have struggles of where they fit in and who they fit with. Eventually they are lucky enough to figure it out before it is too late. What did you think the main point of the book was? Did you love the characters in the same way that I did? Or were you unable to forgive Sunny for being so angry?

If you would like to get into the mind of Maxon…

Mark Haddon

If the life of a person dealing with an Autistic related disease was intriguing try The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TimeThe narrator is a young man dealing with Autism and he witnesses an “incident” that his brain doesn’t quite understand so he goes on a journey to discover what really happened. It so imaginative and you’ll just love Christopher as much as Maxon. He’s so innocent and kind but yet a genius who can name all the countries in the world along with their capitals. A really brilliant novel that helps to humanize people that deal with Autism.

See you later, see you soon.