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Verso 2001

“A good liar must have a good memory: Kissinger is a stupendous liar with a remarkable memory”(pg.89)

The American government is whack. Seriously. If you need any further proof of this fact please read The Trial of Henry KissingerIt is written by one of the most profound journalists of the last two centuries. His death last year was truly a loss for the intelligent liberal class of Americans. His voice was important in both the political as well as the religious realms. This book is from the political side of his brilliant mind. He uses a litany of interviews and recently declassified documents to accuse Kissinger of a plethora of war crimes. They are as offensive as anything perpetrated by the worst of the despots. The scary realization is that Kissinger does these things while maintaining a front of working within democratic rules. He does not.

Hitchens is a wonderful writer. He brings humor and brevity into a topic that could be a dragging, boring, billion paged book that would get left on a shelf for years. Instead, it is an easily accessible argument that I was able to read and comprehend in just a few short days. I think it will stick with me for a long time though. It is terrifying that even with this book in print with all of its lucid points made about the guilt of Henry Kissinger; he still lives free. And is still being awarded for his work in humanities. Another terrifying point is how many of his personal papers are still classified. They sit in The Library of Congress, mocking our justice system with an arbitrary marking of “classified” by the very person who wrote them. It hurts my brain to contemplate that idea.

If you have no prior knowledge of many of the conflicts that Hitchens discusses, fret not. He has provided enough detail to clarify his arguments without drowning them in too many. I am interested in history but there were still many facts that I was unaware of before reading this. Any interest in the Vietnam war and the years following will surely make this a must read for you. It elucidates the covert operations that took place to justify that useless war as well as the years of turmoil that followed.

If you need to be angered any further please read…

Howard Zinn

His People’s History of the United States: 1492 to Present relates the true history of our great country. It reveals that the creation of our country is not as pure of heart as our history books would have children believing. Forget all your classes and read this one. Then jump off a tall building because it depresses the hell out of you. If you are a graphic novel fan then try out A People’s History of American EmpireIt takes portions of the first book and under the guise of a lecture by Professor Zinn discusses the actions of America on a global scale. It includes chapters on Vietnam and the years following. Either is an excellent choice and I read both with equal interest. There is a whole list of political history books written by this author that I have not read so let me know if I should read anything immediately in the comments.

Let’s get angry together! 

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