Just a Short Bio

Down the main aisle at Bogart’s

My name is Katelyn and I work at Bogart’s Books and Coffee in downtown Millville. We’re open Monday- Thursday 10-6 Friday and Saturday 10-9 Sunday 11-5  We have special events happening all of the time. Visit our website to see the events lists. I also want to let everyone know that most of the books that I discuss will be available for purchase at Bogart’s. We do special orders every Sunday so I can get you a copy if it’s not in stock any time. Please come visit me any time.

On a personal level, I received an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts from Cumberland County College. Once I graduated I decided being an artist was not the path for me. After a year of soul searching, I attended Rowan University to get my Bachelors in English with a strong emphasis on literature. I have loved books my whole life. When I was a little girl, my parents would take us to KB Toy Store and, instead of a new Barbie outfit, I’d buy an illustrated classic like this. I was obsessed. I won the school wide read-a-thon in the 6th grade by reading over 25 books during the school year. There’s a great picture of me in the newspaper smiling widely with my free book in hand. I became a library aide as soon as I was able and continued to be involved until I graduated from High School. I was “The Library Girl” my whole middle school through high school years. Proudly I bore this name. So, after studying literature at Rowan I made the decision that I should be a librarian. Currently, I work at a bookstore and I love it. However, one day I will return to school and become the librarian that I am destined to become.

Being out of school though makes me really miss discussing books. This is what I hope to do with this blog. I want to create a dialogue for bibliophiles. Let’s talk books. I’ll answer all of your questions and comments as soon as I can. Follow me on Twitter and we can talk anytime as well.

See you later, see you soon.

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